grandios sensibel

Melissa Klingelhöfer (Klavier, Stimme)
Joshua Platman (Cello, Kontrabass, Stimme)

A songwriter since her early teens, Melissa Klingelhoefer (vocals and piano) was looking for a fellow musician to help compliment and complete her dark, dreamy and cinematic songs. At the end of 2018 Josh Platman (double bass, cello and backing vocals) answered the call. Ten months later their debut album ‘Jugend’ was recorded in Wiesbaden with Grandios Sensibel’s live debut set for early 2020.
Album available soon on Spotify,
Physical Album and merch available on this website soon.

First live gigs in April 2020

»stoneforest«  grandios sensibel  2019

»Kunstlied«, grandios sensibel, 2019

»Jugend« (ab 2. Strophe), grandios sensibel, 2019

»bis es stimmt« (Ausschnitt), grandios sensibel, 2019



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